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Audio-Technica Audio

Audio-technica is a leading audio cartridge manufacturer. Their dv-series cartridges are designed for high-quality sound quality and have been used by some of the world's best singers and musicians. The at-vm95sh is a new model in the at-vm95 series, designed foralamprintf (am) and multimode audio (mp). It is a two-channel cartridge, offering a balanced signal with a noise level of. 53 microamperes.

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Audio-technica's at2020 cardioid condenser mic is the perfect mic for audio production. With its novel design, this mic is perfect for use in voice and music applications. The cardioid condenser mic is made from high-quality materials and sells for just a bit more than the stock mic stand. A cable stand is also included, making it easy to use the mic at your next production meeting.
audio- technica ath-ag1x is a high-fidelity gaming headset that delivers excellent sound quality for its price. It features a closed back design which keeps your hearthampoo clean and free of noise. The headset also features an adjustable audio voice coil system which allows you to achieve the perfect sound quality for your needs.
this is a great little audio-technica microphone that is black. Used well. This is a good choice for interviews or where needs to be have a voice sound good.